Practitioner Program

Flower essence practitioners want to have many individual essences on hand so they can create the perfect blends for their clients.  We offer several options to help you build your practice. 

If you found us on Etsy, we will offer all of these terms through our Etsy shop.  We work hard to abide by the terms of Etsy's Seller Policies.  

1 - Wholesale pricing - no minimum purchase required.  For this option you would need to provide a sales tax resell certificate.  Once we have that on file, you can purchase as many essences as you like at 50% off the retail.  This allows you to not only have the individual essences available to create blends, but also have stock to sell at retail to your clients. 

2 - We also have several practitioner kits available.  Some of them allow for complete customization so you can cherry pick the essences you need to fill in your stock. 

3 - Drop Ship - You can order our essences or even order a custom blend and we will ship it directly to your customer.  You will be able to order the essence at 40% off the retail price for this program. 

The drop ship program also allows you to sell our essences on your website.  We provide you access to images and descriptions you can add to your website easily.  When you sell an essence on your website, you place the order with you as the customer and your customer's name and address as the "ship to" using a discount code to take 40% off the sale.  You pocket the difference.

We will include a coupon in all of the packages going out to your customers for 10% their next order.  This coupon code will be unique to your business so we can track those customers as yours and pay you 40% on those sales as well.