About Essences

What are essences? 

Flower essences or remedies are infusions made using the energy of the flower or plant to address emotional and mental issues to create a state of emotional wellness.  Flower essences or remedies were initially discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1920's - 1930's.  He created 38 unique flower essences.  Since that time flower essence practitioners have expanded the field of flower essences to include thousands of new essences from plants all over the world. 

Crystals and gemstones all carry energetic imprints of their own.  The same method as used in creating flower essences are used to create crystal essences, sometimes known as gemstone remedies or gem elixirs.  

Our flower essences are handmade by Charissa Iskiwitch from plants that grow wild on her 20 acre farm, Silver Pines Farm, or plants she has acquired as well as from flower collections she and other practitioners share with each other.  She also makes crystal essences from her personal collection of crystals and gemstones.

How do they work? 

Humans and animals are made up of more than just a physical body.  There is also a life energy that can become imbalanced causing emotional unhealthy states.  Essences use the energetic imprint of plants and crystals to adjust our life energy and bring it back into a state of balance.  When our emotions are in a healthier state of balance we are better able to cope with stress and life events.