Walk Around the Property

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I thought I would post some photos from around the property.  I frequently take walks in the woods hunting for different essence material. 

This is a beautiful spot that always has some wonderful plants.  You can see the Virginia Creeper all over in this photo.

Woods - Virginia Creeper - Nature's Remedies

Here is a view of an area that fills up every time it rains back in the woods.

Woods Pond - Nature's Remedies

Here is a Flowering Quince getting ready to bloom.  

Flowering Quince - Nature's Remedies

 Here's a beautiful moss covered stump.  This is one of my favorite spots in our woods.  There are several fallen trees covered in moss and fungi.  If you look closely at this photo you can see there is a hole under the stump that is probably home to some wildlife.  

Moss Covered Stump - Nature's Remedies

I'll post more photos in a few days. 

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~ Charissa



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